Couple go on incredible weight loss journey together and this is what they look like now

There's one thing to embark on the weight-loss journey of your life and there's whole other thing to do it with your life-long partner. This is the story of Lexi and Danny Reed.

After having met back in 2007 and falling madly in love with each other the couple tried to get pregnant but were advised by their doctor to wait before doing so.

In love and morbidly obese

The reason the health professional was apprehensive about the couple conceiving was due to Lexi's morbid obesity that saw the women weigh in at 220 kg. The doctor informed her that should she become pregnant she could be putting her life as well as her offspring's in grave danger.

So, in order to be able to start a family, the couple was advised to change their lifestyle habits in order to no longer pose a threat to the well being of either the mother or child. But in a turn of events that Lexi did not see coming, her husband also decided to lose weight with her as an act of solidarity.

The couple explain that they had both been dealing with obesity from a very young age. From eating out regularly, to neglecting fruits and vegetables, the weight gain became progressive and degenerative. At their worst, they were both consuming a daily diet consisting of 4,000 to 6,000 calories.

A mutual support system

But enough became enough when the two used each other as the ultimate support system to get them through the next stage of their lives: one in which they could be healthy and in love. Through a strict diet and regular exercise over the course of several years, both Lexi and Danny have seen the pounds shed by the day.

Since, Lexi has garnered a following of more than 1.2 million people on Instagram where she continues to document her journey through pictures.

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