After an Extreme Makeover, This Homeless Man Is Totally Unrecognisable

After years of living in the street without being able to take care of himself and his appearance, a homeless man had the pleasure of meeting a hairdresser who offered him a free and miraculous new look.

This is the happy story of the day. Homeless for years due to severe depression and the loss of his job as an electrician, Jose Antonio, who lives in the streets of Mallorca in Spain, hadn't found the chance to take care of himself for a long time.

'Nobody will recognize me if I don't tell them it's me'

Fortunately, he had the chance of meeting Salva Garcia, a hairdresser, who decided to take him under her wing and to offer him a total makeover. And what a transformation!

After spending several hours in the hands of professionals who dyed and cut his hair, trimmed his beard and offered new clothes, Jose Antonio was no longer the same man. Unrecognisable, he couldn't restrain his tears by discovering his transformation in the mirror.

The man exclaimed:

Is it me? Nobody will recognize me if I do not tell them it's me!

Shortly after his makeover, and with some financial help, Jose Antonio is finally off the streets, where he hopes never to return again.

Check out the video above to see the amazing transformation!

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