Simple Hacks To Remove Wrinkles Without An Iron

If you're going away on holiday soon or if you just can't stand ironing, we've got the tips you need to keep your clothes looking neat and fresh.

No matter how carefully we pack our suitcase, our clothes always seem to come out looking really wrinkled. It's not an ideal situation especially if you're away and don't have an iron with you. Don't worry, with these tricks you can get all of those annoying wrinkles in no time.

1. Remove wrinkles from trousers: Simply roll your trousers then stuff them under the mattress for 1 hour. After that, your trousers should be free from wrinkles.

2. The towel method: Wet a towel then place it on the piece of wrinkled garment. After, stretch it with your hands and leave it for about 15 minutes.

3. The hair dryer method: Wet the piece of garment then blow dry your hair dryer from 2 to 3 cm away.

4. The water vapour method: Place the piece of garment on a hanger and hang it in the bathroom while you shower. The water vapour will help remove the wrinkles.

5. The vinegar method: Mix 600ml of water with 200ml of vinegar in a spray bottle then hang the piece of garment on a hanger. After, spray the mixture onto your garment and it should remove the wrinkles.

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