We Bet You Didn’t Know Salt Could Do All This

We Bet You Didn’t Know Salt Could Do All This

You know that salt can add flavor to dishes, but who would have thought that it had so many other uses? This is going to change your life!

Salt isn’t just for seasoning. Sodium chloride, its real name, has numerous other uses…which you no doubt already suspected!

Its first use, now often forgotten, is to preserve foods. Nothing is easier than salting! You just have to cover a food completely in salt—aim for an amount around 15% of the food’s weight. This process halts the proliferation of bacteria. 

Even if today, salt has been replaced by refrigeration, it can still prove useful for preventing fruit from browning. If you don’t have lemon, salt mixed with water has the same effect.

For beauty and cleaning

Salt is also a beauty product! Once again, its uses are much like those of lemon—mixed with a little warm water, it helps to keep teeth shiny white.

In the closet, sodium chloride once again proves itself the perfect ally. Thanks to its absorption ability, salt helps get rid of humidity and odors in wardrobes. It’s foolproof: put some salt in a tissue, then close it with a rubber band. You can then put the little salt packet in your shoes or the back of your closet. 

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Salt is also great for cleaning wicker, brass, and copper. Find these and other unusual uses for salt in the video above.

Lily Reeves
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