This Woman Transformed Her Living Room With These Cheap And Chic Couch Covers

This Woman Transformed Her Living Room With These Cheap And Chic Couch Covers

A mother, who was tired of her drab and old-fashioned furniture, decided to refurbish it using this simple, chic and cheap trick. "It really changed my whole room."

Sooner or later, we all get tired of our living room furniture, especially if we have drab, old-fashioned, worn-out sofas. That's exactly how this woman would've described her sofas before she transformed them with a simple trick that has inspired many others.

Changing your living room sofa may sound quite simple, but it's not always the most affordable of changes. This mother, for instance, couldn't afford to buy new ones, but the ones she had looked awful, as you can see in the before and after photos she posted.

With this simple trick, her sofa went from being old and hideous to looking brand new and elegant. She shared her sofa's transformation on a DIY page and her post quickly racked up more than 600 likes, inspiring others to give her trick a try and completely transform their living rooms.

Given that she couldn't afford to spend more than £ 260 on a new sofa, she decided to find an alternative solution. Not only is this trick much simpler, but it's also faster and cheaper than buying new sofas. While searching the Internet, she stumbled upon the sofa covers - that would soon make her sofas look brand new - on eBay.

She opted for a diamond-shaped pattern with neutral, earthy tones that complement the color scheme in her living room perfectly. The covers are adjustable and washable, not to mention how great they look. Yep, they're gorgeous! But don't take our word for it - just look at what everyone had to say about her revamped sofas in the comments under her post.

“Amazing! They have made so much difference to your room, and I love that you can wash them.” "Good transformation on a budget, well done." And the best part is that you can snag them for just £ 23. Also, there's a variety of designs you can choose from, in a range of prices - some are even cheaper!

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Check out the video for before and after photos of her living room.

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