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This Is How Keeping Orange Peels Could Save You Time And Money

Are you used to throwing out your orange peels? Here are some tips to recycle them daily. You will be amazed!

1- Get rid of unpleasant odours

Yep, orange peels can significantly reduce the smell of tobacco in your home. How? Burn a dried orange peel and the sweet scent of citrus will spread. Practical, right?

2- Make your own household cleaners

You can even use your orange peels to make household cleaners. To do this, pour 200ml of white vinegar in a container then add some orange peels. Let it sit for 10 days then finally, filter the mixture and put in a spray bottle.

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3- Keep moths away

Tired of having holes in your clothes because of moths? No problem, place dried orange peels in your closetor in your pantry. You'll see, those bugs will no longer show up in your home.

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