Sony Has Released a Mini Portable Air Conditioner Perfect for This Summer

How would you feel about an air conditioner that you could take everywhere with you? Sony has made this dream come true!

Summer is synonymous with holidays, pretty flowery dresses, and drinks with friends, but it also means hot, sweaty weather, which we like a lot less! Between the lack of air on public transport, and fans at the office, cooling down is never as simple and as efficient as we would like it to be. But the good news is that Sony has just released the perfect accessory to help you feel a little cooler.

Air conditioning, the best way to cool down

The best way to cool down in hot weather, besides with a glass of ice-cold water, is with air conditioning. This allows for a room to be cooled down considerably, and lowers the humidity level. An air conditioner can be installed in the home at a reasonable price, but they can often be bulky and noisy. But the good news is that Sony has just released a brand new accessory to help us cope with a heatwave in the best possible conditions.

A mini portable air conditioner

The Reon Pocket is a small portable air conditioner that can even be put under your clothes. It allows you to lower your body temperature by about 10 degrees. It has three cooling levels, and a boost mode for the most suffocating situations (like the underground during rush hour for example).

This little device can be recharged using a USB port, and the battery lasts for several hours. You can control the different cooling levels thanks to an app available on your phone. It is being sold for between £100 and £150 in Japan at the moment, but should soon be available in other countries.

In the meantime, you can always buy a mini air conditioner. You can find them for less than £50 directly on Amazon. You can place it wherever you want in order to cool down, whether it's on your bedside table or your desk.

Portable mini AC on Amazon
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