How to keep your house cool in the summer heat

Already dreading too-warm homes? Well check out our 5 tips below on how to keep the inside of your house cool throughout the summer.

It’s here! Summer is finally on the way and with it the nice weather. And sometimes, a simple fan just isn’t enough to keep a room cool. Damp linen, plants, airflow… Check out our 5 tips on how to naturally keep the inside of your house nice and cool. And don’t worry, you won’t need an air-con unit or a fan!

1. Bring in some plants

When those dreaded heatwaves finally get here, it’s worth thinking about bringing some plants inside the house. They help to keep the air nice and humid as well as working as a natural purifier.

An aloe vera plant, a perfect addition to any room. Getty Images

2. Get the air flowing

Open your windows and doors in the evening to get some air circulating through the house. Not only will this lower the air temperature, but the air inside will be a lot fresher as a result.

3. Close the blinds

In the middle of the day, when you’re not home, it’s a good idea to keep your blinds closed, or even better, shutters if you have them, as this will help block out the sun and keep your house cool.

Keep the blinds closed, keep the sun out. Getty Images

4. Try using damp linens

To lower the temperature inside your house, try hanging up damp linens, such as bed sheets for example, in your doors or windows. You will immediately feel the difference.

5. Avoid using electrical appliances

Using electronic devices generates heat and therefore increases the temperature. So it’s probably best to avoid cook something big in the oven if you can.

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