Here's How To Turn Negative Energy To Positive Ambiance In Your Home

When you enter a room do you sometimes feel that it is filled with negative energies? If so, you should try this home remedy today. It will help eliminate all the negative energies and bad vibes in your home.

How To Remove Negative Energy In Your Home


1. Vinegar

2. Salt

3. A glass cup/mug

4. Water


1. Add water to the glass/mug (do not fill it)

2. Add salt and vinegar

3. Place the glass in the room where you want to eliminate the negative energies

After a few hours, take a look at the mixture and observe how the energy feels in the room. Did the level of water increase or decrease? Does it look murky? If nothing happened, redo the process again. The mixture of salt and vinegar helps purify the air around you and this age old trick is used by several people today.

Check out the video above to find out more!

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