Whatever Happened To The Actors From One Tree Hill?

Were you a fan of the ‘One Tree Hill’ series and you’re wondering what happened to Nathan and Lucas, but also to their relatives and friends? We took a look at their careers since...

Whatever Happened To The Actors From One Tree Hill?
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Whatever Happened To The Actors From One Tree Hill?
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Seven years after the series ended in 2012, One Tree Hill is still in everyone's memories! For nine seasons Nathan, Lucas and their gang rocked most of our youth. We were able to follow the rivalry between the two brothers, their common love for basketball, but a lot more as well. Each episode was also punctuated by the dramas that struck the characters, their family quarrels but also their romantic twists and turns. Although there have been many rumours for years about a potential spin-off of the series, so far no official information has been provided.

So what happened to those who played the One Tree Hill high school kids since 2003? Did they continue in cinema, television or did they stop their careers? Read on to find out more, and you will see that some of the actors evolved brilliantly.

One of the actresses who has done the most in the industry is Sophia Bush. The success of the series allowed the actress who played Brooke Davis to continue her film career by starring in movies like Stay Alive and The Hitcher.

Bethany Joy Lenz who played the singer Hailey James Scott continued her career in music by releasing several albums.

Chad Michael Murray, the emblematic Lucas Scott, illegitimate son of Dan Scott and Karen Roux, continued his career by making appearances in movies and now has a recurring role as Edgar Evernever in the successful Riverdale series.

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