The Kids From School Of Rock Are All Grown Up And They're Totally Unrecognisable

The baby-faced rockers are all grown up - you won't believe what Kevin the drummer looks like now!

Whilst we love Jack Black's performance in 2003 comedy film, School Of Rock, the real stars of the film were the kids. So where are they now, 15 years later?

Miranda Cosgrove - Summer Hathaway

After her role as Summer the band manager in School Of Rock, Miranda starred as Megan in Drake and Josh and then played the lead role on iCarly until 2012. In the same year she entered the Guinness Book of Records as the highest-paid child actress.

Most recently, she has appeared in comedy series Crowded and in the pilot Spaced Out, though both of these were quickly cancelled.

Robert Tsai - Lawrence

The rocking keyboardist now performs as a classical pianist.

Brian Falduto - Billy

Brian got possibly the best line in the film - 'You're tacky and I hate you' - as fabulous costume designer Billy. Sadly, Brian endured homophobic bullying from his peers after the film was released but he bounced back and is an actor, musician and songwriter.

Joey Gaydos Jr. - Zack Mooneyham

Joey played too-cool-for-school guitarist Zack in the film. He didn't do any more acting but he is a real-life guitarist now - he's played solo and in bands. Back in 2009, he was arrested for driving under the influence - and whilst underage - but it seems he's back on the straight and narrow these days.

Maryam Hassan - Tomika

Maryam is still putting her beautiful voice to use, performing as Trayce on her Youtube channel. She also works as a makeup artist.

Rebecca Brown - Katie

Rebecca is still acting - most recently in a production of Spamilton, a spoof version of hit Broadway musical Hamilton.

Kevin Clark - Freddie Jones

After playing the drums in School Of Rock, Kevin is now all grown up and a real-life drummer in various bands.

Check out the video above to see them for yourself!

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