The Girl Who Played Kady Kyle On My Wife And Kids Looks Unrecognisable 18 Years Later

Parker McKenna Posey, who played little Kady Kyle on the early 2000s sitcom My Wife And Kids, is now 23 years old - and you'll never recognise her!

One can’t talk about the best TV shows of all time without mentioning My Wife and Kids.

An after-school series for an entire generation, My Wife and Kids has aged well. Even better, the series has even improved over time.

Like Malcolm in the Middle, the Kyle family's adventures made us all laugh, for five seasons. In addition to being a comedy series, My Wife and Kids instilled many values as well.

Kady Kyle

It's been almost fifteen years since the show ended, and the actors have changed a lot, except for Damon Wayans, the family man, who doesn't seem to age.

Parker McKenna Posey, the actress who played Kady Kyle, the youngest, has grown into a beautiful woman.

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At 23 years old, she enchants her followers with her photos on social media. Little Kady has indeed become a woman of rare beauty...

Check out the video above to see what Parker looks like today!

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