From Nickelodeon To Netflix Britney Spears' Younger Sister, Jamie Lynn Spears Looks Amazing!

Britney Spears' little sister is all grown up. From her beginnings in a teen show on Nickelodeon to his debut in an upcoming Netflix series, here's a look at her evolution!

In 2002, a young Jamie Lynn Spears made her first public appearance. She starred in a teen series broadcast on Nickelodeon, Zoey 101. After four seasons of playing the heroine of a boys-only college, Britney's little sister quit.

Maternity leave.

In 2007, she was a radiant teenage girl. She revealed that she was pregnant at 16 (kind of like MTV's 16 & Pregnant). At that point, her life changed and she decided to put a stop to her career to take care of her baby.

Little Maddie was born of this first pregnancy. During that time, the young woman's career was on a hiatus. She wanted to be a full-time mother. But show business came back to her.

A fresh start

Much like her older sister Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn loves to sing. She therefore decided to make a comeback in music. However, she didn't go for pop - instead opting for a career in country music!

After dropping a single that was fairly well-received by critics, and truly appreciated by her many fans, she decided to come back to the small screen. Netflix offered her a role in the Sweet Magnolias, a series based on Sheryll Wood's books.

She will play Noreen, a young woman who is ready to do anything to rebuild her life. A new role that is undoubtedly perfect for Jamie Lynn Spears! You can see her impressive evolution in the video above!

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