This Is The Ideal Tattoo For You - Based On Your Star Sign

You want to get a tattoo but you're still hesitating? Here are some proposals which could ideally go with your astrological sign!

Aries: a powerful tattoo. Brave and ambitious, you have a taste for risk. Tribal patterns or weapons will well represent your impulsive nature.

Taurus: a sweet tattoo. Quiet, sentimental and realistic - pay tribute to your element, the earth, with a rose or ivy.

Gemini: a little tattoo. You show your youthfulness, so go for a fun tattoo: a character, message or any other colourful drawing.

Cancer: a romantic tattoo. Give a wink to the moon, or to your sweetness and strength with an owl or a feather.

Leo: an animal. A pretty tattoo of the sun, or a tiger, a panther, or a lion, of course.

Virgo: a spiritual tattoo. An eye for your organized and picky side, or one for your angelic side. Up to you!

Libra: a symbol of love. You are very sentimental; everything that evokes love will fit you perfectly: a heart, a kiss...

Scorpio: a rebellious tattoo. Your own sign, a symbol of power, a skull, or a cross to put on the lower belly or back.

Sagittarius: a symbol of freedom. A horse or seahorse that represents your sign.

Capricorn: a controlled tattoo. To increase your experience: go for quotes, dates or Roman numerals.

Aquarius: an exotic tattoo. Butterflies and birds mean an invitation to travel and adventure.

Pisces: a sailor tattoo. To highlight your element, water - what better than a small anchor, a siren or a sea knot?

Check out the video above for more inspiration - whatever your sign!

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