These 20 Gorgeous Feather Tattoos Have A Beautiful Meaning

  • A colourful feather / Source: Pinterest
  • A feather in a heart dream-catcher / Source : Pinterest
  • A straight feather / Source: Pinterest
  • A feather and birds / Source: Pinterest
  • Love, Life feather / Source: Pinterest

Do you want to get a tattoo? Why not try out a pretty feather. This romantic symbol will highlight any part of your body...

Are you ready for a new or even a first tattoo? Do not hesitate to opt for a cute, refined and romantic tattoo. Whether it's small and subtle or you dare to go for something big and bold, it can be located on the ribs, on the arms or even the hands.

The feather is very symbolic in some cultures and carries a specific message:

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For some it is a sign of their guardian angels and/or their guides who let them know about their presence and tell them that they are there to guide and protect them. For others, it is a gift offered by the bird, as if it is offering you some of its energy or its essence. Moreover, some tribes use feathers to make their headdresses, so they are signs of status and importance.

So, will you go for this poetic motif?


• Rob Mitchell
17 Cute And Meaningful Ideas For Your First Tattoo

17 Cute And Meaningful Ideas For Your First Tattoo

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