5 Perfect Tattoo Ideas For The Adventurous Sagittarius

Summers in Sydney, winter holidays in Montreal, and last weekend in London, Sagittarius are real jetsetters! We're wondering how they can remember all their trips! The answer is surely because of their tattoos... Here are 5 tattoo ideas that correspond well to the globetrotters that they are!

They are the astrological sign that loves to travel the world. With all the different cultures that they have come across, it is normal for them to succumb and engrave all these encounters and all these magical places that they have had the chance to know onto their skin!

But among the many possibilities that tattoos offer, what types of visuals should be focused on? Words in a foreign language, flags of certain countries, or flight numbers? Be careful though to leave room for future excursions, since the adventure is far from over!

We won’t make you wait any longer, check out the video above which will reveal 5 design ideas that match the explorer personality!

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