Your sleeping style says a lot about your personality

You might not know it, and yet the way you sleep says a lot about your personality, whether you’re a big socialite or rather sensitive. Discover below the meaning behind the position in which you go to sleep!

As surprising as it may sound, your sleeping position can actually say a lot about who you are. Since we spend a third of our lives sleeping, this is an important aspect that is often overlooked!

- Sleeping in the foetal position: wanting to escape your responsibilities.

- On one side, with legs folded is the most common position…The more your legs are folded towards your stomach, the more sensitive you are. You subconsciously miss childhood and wish to run away from your responsibilities.

- If you hold your pillow in your arms, it’s because you are filled with a feeling of insecurity and you need it to reassure you.

- Sleeping on one side: you are very sociable. If it’s on the right side, you are sociable and don’t like being alone. If it’s on the left, you probably don’t adapt well to change and/or change scares you.

- Sleeping on one side with your hand under your cheek: you need tenderness. The cheek symbolises tenderness. You are certainly lacking cuddles and affection, hence this need for self-contact.

- Sleeping on your stomach: frustration. Children and teenagers often sleep in this position. In adulthood, this conveys sexual frustration or hypersensitivity.

- Sleeping on your back: you are very zen. This position is not dissimilar to death. It suggests a state of deep relaxation.

- Sleeping on your back, with hands on your stomach or behind your head: defence. It is possible that you are experiencing a period of change or of failure so you are protecting yourself. This position can also reflect a certain immaturity.

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