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Wearing This Colour To A Job Interview Could Significantly Raise Your Chances Of Success

It turns out donning certain colours for specific situations like working out, job interviews, and nights out can help to boost your confidence.

What colour do you wear to the gym? What’s your go-to colour for a crazy night out? What colour do you tend to wear to job interviews? You may not think these questions matter, but according to one study, the colour you wear can influence various situations.

Interesting, right?

For example, the study revealed that 15% of participants found that they put more effort into their workout when they rocked the colour blue.

Whereas, your chances of having more fun can increase if you wear silver.

And the study also discovered that 21% of women want to wear red on a first date.

What about job interviews? You can find out which colour may help you land your dream job in the video above!

It’s crazy how colour influences daily and monumental situations, like a first date, a night out, working out, and job interviews. We may even unknowingly judge people based on the colour they opt to wear.

By Daisy Jones
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