This Is Why You Really Need To Wash New Clothes Before You Wear Them

Many of us can't wait to show off our clothes as soon as we buy them. But according to health experts, this may have serious health consequences.

Do you see new clothes on a hanger and feel the urge to put them on without having previously washed them? Big mistake! Don't get carried away by your impulses. You have to put them in the washing machine to disinfect them.

You wouldn't think that putting on recently purchased clothes could have harmful consequences, but it does. In fact, these clothes don't only go through the store, they undergo a long process of crossing borders, factories and people.

Imagine a blouse that was manufactured in a foreign country. There, several people sewed the fabric and ironed it (normally). Then, another person put it in boxes that travelled for days to their destination country, Spain, for example.

Delivery people take out the merchandise, and once it's in the store, employees, usually shop assistants, are in charge of taking the garments out of the box and putting them on hangers. Later, a potential customer will go into the store and try it on to see how it looks.

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If they're not sure about buying it, they'll drop it in a pile of clothes as they leave the fitting room. Then, the clerk puts it back in the right place and so on. Eventually, you come in to buy something and set your sights on this beautiful blouse. After seeing that it looks good on you, you make your way to the cash register to buy it. But how many hands did that blouse go through to get to you? We certainly haven't kept count, but it's a lot of hands!

In the video, you'll discover the shocking data revealed by a recent study.

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