These Are The Unexpected Body Parts That Give Away Your Real Age

Even if your face is still quite toned and wrinkle-free, there is one part of your body, that betrays your true age, and mercilessly at that…

When it comes to staying young, everyone’s main goal is not to have any wrinkles. However, it’s not just the body parts that are constantly on display that get old, but other areas also go downhill with age. Nevertheless, there are ways with which we can try to reduce the ageing process of our skin, such as by using creams and even plastic surgery. However, there are some parts of our body that reveal our true age, because it’s not so easy and obvious to know how old someone is just by looking at their face. Singer Pharrell Williams is one of the lucky ones, whose face doesn’t betray his true age.

Hands are affected by environmental factors

Dr. Sylvia Angerer, a doctor specialising in plastic and aesthetic surgery, revealed in an interview with Bild, a German magazine, what’s important when it comes to caring for your hands.

‘Hands are affected by environmental factors and also chemicals from cleaning or washing up. We wash our hands very often, but this can damage the protective layer of our skin and the skin starts to dry out, become wrinkled and rough. We also get pigment spots and blemishes from the sun’s rays. As a result, we should be trying to care for and protect our hands quite often, but lots of people tend to treat their hands quite poorly.’ Therefore, it is advisable to wear gloves when cleaning or doing the washing up and use quite a moisturising hand cream. In the summer, sun cream and also peeling masks are essential to give your hands that little freshen up they need.

The neck is also often ignored

Your neck can also get all wrinkly if you don’t care for it properly. But there are things you can do to avoid the signs or reduce the wrinkling that has already started to show, as MD Karl Schumann, a doctor also specialising in plastic and aesthetic surgery explains.

‘A healthy diet, for example with fish, vegetables and dairy products, which are very recommendable, can delay the appearance of wrinkles in your neck area. In most cases, using creams and ointments on this area isn’t very promising or effective. So, we advise a non-invasive method. Using a gentle treatment, the skin becomes tighter with a combination of radio frequency and ultrasonic heat waves, which is a relatively painless way to reduce these wrinkles.’

But the easiest way to look younger is obviously to follow a healthy diet, relax and care for your skin.

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