These 5 Foods Will Never Make You Bloated

These are the foods to go for if you want to avoid feeling bloated.

Are your trousers feeling a bit tight? Be aware that some foods can make you feel bloated, but others on the contrary will leave you feeling light. So no need to add another hole to your belt!

If you eat dishes that are rich in sauce, pastries, or cakes, you may experience a rather unpleasant feeling of bloating. In this case, we suggest an old-school digestion remedy: hot tea, herbal tea or lemon water!

If you want to feel light after eating, here are the foods to go for:


Corn is a very low-calorie food that will fill you up without affecting your stomach. Try it with a drizzle of olive oil and a little lemon juice. Fresh and healthy!


Pineapple is sweet but it is also good if you’re trying for a flat stomach: it facilitates protein digestion thanks to its bromelain content. Be careful, it should be eaten raw and not canned.


Cucumber is rich in water and has less than 50 calories. It will allow you to eat properly, to fill up with vitamins without feeling bloated, even if you eat it with the skin on (if it is organic).


Avocado is rich in good fats but it also helps the stomach to deflate while giving you a feeling of fullness.


Melon is a flat belly’s ally: it is not necessary to consume a lot of it because of its sugar content, but it is rich in water, antioxidants and contains very few calories.

Now you know which ingredients to choose for a good detox salad!

Eating these foods will make you age much faster Eating these foods will make you age much faster