Study Reveals Shocking Good News For Coffee Drinkers

Study Reveals Shocking Good News For Coffee Drinkers

A new study has revealed that high coffee consumption is not near as damaging as previous studies often suggest. Click the video to find out how many guilt-free cups you can afford to have each day. You’ll be surprised!

A team of researchers conducted a study to find out whether the amount of cups of coffee a person consumes each day has any impact on the stiffening of a person’s arteries. And the results were no less than surprising.

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The study involved splitting 8,000 people into three categories; those who drink less than a cup a day, those who drink between 1 and 3 cups and those who drink more than 3. The participants then underwent MRI scans and infrared pulse wave tests and results proved avid coffee addicts were no further at risk of stiffening arteries than those who typically drink less than a cup per day, even after considering factors such as age, weight and smoking status.

Dr Kenneth Fung from Queen Mary University of London explained, “Whilst we can’t prove a causal link in this study, our researcher indicates coffee isn’t as bad for you as previous studies would suggest.”

Check out the video to find out just how many coffees some participants were consuming each day.

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