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Sleeping With Your Housemates: How Many People Have Done The Deed And What's The Outcome?

Three people who have hooked up with their flatmates have spoken up about their experiences, and everything is not always rosy…

According to a recent French study, 26% of people admit to having slept with their flatmate before. This is something that sometimes happens; the attraction is too strong, and things then get out of control… But very often following this, tension is created and things get complicated. Three people to whom this has happened shared their stories.

For one of them, it happened while studying abroad for 6 months on Erasmus. After living with three guys, she fell in love with one of them and they were together for three months. Then his ex showed up, and she walked in on the two of them in bed together. Having no choice but to stay, she had to continue to live with the two lovers, who never passed up the opportunity to jump in the shower together… Not the best experience.

‘They decided to take a bath together and sleep together’

For Adrien it was a different story. For six months he too lived with three other people. One evening he was alone with Clementine, with whom he was getting closer and closer. They decided to take a bath together and sleep together. This happened two or three times, without them really being in a relationship. But one evening, Clementine brought a boy home, much to Adrien’s chagrin. The two of them ended up staying friends however.

Finally Catherine, who lived in a houseshare where people were coming and going regularly. One night, she slept with a gorgeous man who was living there for a month, and who thought nothing of the encounter. However, they ended up having to live together for the rest of the month, all the while trying to completely avoid each other… A hell on earth.

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