Woman stops eating meat for 4 years and this is what happened to her

This Dutch blogger posted a before/after photo of her meatless diet. Here are her astonishing conclusions.

As we all know, our diet has direct consequences on our body, our mood, our morale and our skin. One young Dutch blogger, Kristel Kazumi, decided to say farewell to meat-eating a few years ago. The young woman became a vegan and for four years she did not eat a single piece of meat.

But the thing is, Kristel Kazumi ended up deciding after these four years to cancel her vegan diet, because she was feeling a lot of fatigue. She resumed eating meat and very quickly saw the results on her body.

With positive consequences

The young blogger posted two photos of herself on Twitter. One which was taken around the period when she was vegan (the photo on the left) and the other, when she resumed eating meat in her diet (the photo on the right).

Contrary to the current trend which is rather to make sure to eat somewhat less meat, but a better quality of meat, the young woman shows that she is doing better by increasing her input of meat.

And it's not just about purely physical health in her case. She wrote in her announcement tweet:

But the best of all, I don't feel like dying anymore.

All in all, she seems delighted to have resumed eating meat.

Internet users of 'varying opinions'

On Twitter her post caused a reaction and Internet users are obviously divided. Veganism is one of those topics which inevitably get people emotional, as any refutation is perceived as an attack on their own lifestyle, be it proponents of the carnivore diet or of veganism. Some say that if she eats meat, it is not her, but animals that have died. Others surmise that mustn't have received the right advice before embarking on her vegan diet.

To see more pictures, go to the video above the article.

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