This Woman's Health Condition Means Her Chest Just Won't Stop Growing

Fiona Hornby is a 25-year-old woman from Bolton. Since childhood, she’s suffered from macromastia, a rare condition which causes her breasts to grow uncontrollably - and it can have seriously painful consequences.

Macromastia is an abnormality which leads to hypertrophy of the mammary tissue. This causes real problems for people affected: back, shoulder, and neck pains can appear after a few days.

Fiona Hornby’s 125J chest

Fiona Hornby, a young lady of 25, has suffered from this irregularity for several years; indeed her breasts haven’t stopped growing. At 10 years old, she had size C bra cups. When she hit puberty, cuts and painful spots started to appear, as well as her skin breaking out.

These days, she’s a 125J! Her chest is so heavy that she has back problems, which prevents her from standing up for more than 5 minutes. She explained to the Daily Mail: “I have terrible back pains (…) I can’t vacuum the house or sleep properly. When I’m doing the washing up, I have to take a break halfway through because the pain’s so bad”.

Difficulty feeding

The young Brit became a mother last November. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to breastfeed her son William. In an interview with the Daily Mail, the young mother explained: “My huge breasts have ruined my life. My self-esteem is so low”.

Fiona Hornby dreams of undergoing an operation which would reduce her breast size, only she doesn’t have the means to do so… To help her reach her goal, she’s put a fundraiser online.

Take a look at the video above for more on Fiona's story...

This woman's chest has been growing uncontrollably for over a year This woman's chest has been growing uncontrollably for over a year