This Woman Was Outraged When She Was Punished For Writing A Negative Hotel Review

This Woman Was Outraged When She Was Punished For Writing A Negative Hotel Review

Ever thought that those terms and conditions policies are just a load of pointless nonsense? Well, this might change your opinion a little bit. 

Katrina Arthur and her husband had an awful stay at the Abbey Inn & Suites hotel in Nashville, Indiana in the United States. A real 'nightmare' as Katrina explained to the American TV channel WRTV. Katrina explained 'The room was unkempt and it looked like it hadn't been cleaned since the last people stayed there and there was hair and dirt in the sheets. There was a strong smell of sewage, weak water pressure and broken air conditioning'. After unsuccessfully attempting to call the front desk, she decided to clean the room herself.

When they checked out, the hotel sent an email asking them to post a review of their experience online. The couple didn't fail to share their experience with potential future guests and they didn't hold back on being honest.

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But what the couple failed to note was that, hidden in the small print of the hotel's terms and conditions policy, was a line concerning negative reviews. It states that in the case of a negative review, the establishment grants itself the right to 'take an additional 350 USD (about £245) off the credit card' of the customer. Customers are encouraged to take up any issue with hotel staff during their visit rather than slating them online.

Check out the video above for the full story! 

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