This woman was nicknamed 'sausage-mouth' after her lip procedure went horribly wrong

This 29-year-old mother decided to get a 'low-cost' lip augmentation that ended up costing her a lot: it caused an allergic reaction that almost cost her her life.

The surgery was performed by a beautician who went to her house and charged her £75 for two lip injections that should have resulted in plumper lips.

She says that from the moment she came into contact with the injected substance, she could feel things going wrong. The beautician, on the other hand, repeatedly confirmed that it was normal, that the uneasiness would go away as the hours passed.

A cosmetic procedure gone wrong

But it didn't turn out that way. An hour after the beautician left, Christina began to suffer unbearable pain. Her lips were swollen and she thought they were going to explode.

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The worst part was when she noticed that her mouth took the shape of a duck's beak and she could hardly open it; then her throat began to close: it was extremely hard for her to breathe. When the ambulance arrived, they had to assist with her breathing and give her adrenaline.

Raising awareness for others

Once at the hospital, she decided to take pictures to share them and raise awareness of the horrible consequences of 'low-cost' lip augmentation. Her friends thought it was a joke, that it was a Snapchat filter. But unfortunately, it wasn't.

The photos are astonishing. Watch the video and see for yourself.

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