This woman scandalised the internet by putting on make-up at the wrong time

Alaha is a 27-year-old woman whose Instagram pictures went viral for an unusual reason.

On Alaha’s Instagram, there are several pictures of her in a hospital bed, putting make-up on. She had all her make-up accessories in front of her: brushes of all sizes, multiple blush palettes, etc.

Alaha, surprised

The young woman was shocked when she saw that her pictures stirred up so much debate.

I didn’t realise that it was so wrong to put make-up on while giving birth. My sister was so nice and took pictures during the operation. All I did was post the pictures.

She also explained that putting on make-up was a way for her to forget the childbirth pain.

Alaha, a role model?

Some said they wanted to do the same. Alaha said she wanted to be a role model for certain women:

I really want to encourage other women to do the same!

Her aim is to encourage women to make sure their childbirth is not as terrible as it seems. In order to do that, you have to do something you love, something that will make the day even more joyful.

She finishes her explanation with these words:

All those who have experienced child birth know that it’s a test of patience. Of course I made sure that my baby was alright and healthy. What I did didn’t pose any risk to my baby and absolutely didn’t interfere with the childbirth.
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