This Woman Became A Grandmother The Same Day She Gave Birth

This Woman Became A Grandmother The Same Day She Gave Birth

She offered up her womb so that her son could become a father. Although, at first, they thought it was a joke, very soon they realized that she was determined to give her son the most important gift: fatherhood.

A few years ago Matthew and Elliot brought their relatives together to tell them about their dream: to be parents. In the United States, there are many gay couples who opt for surrogate pregnancy (surrogacy) in order to have a child.

However, it is a very expensive process. Between in vitro fertilization, medical expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth, the cost of having a child by this method is at least $ 40,000.

On top of that, there's a very sensitive detail: the choice of the 'surrogate mother'. Ethical issues aside, the truth is that it isn't just some trivial issue.

However, this couple did not have to look for a surrogate mother, since Matthew's own mother volunteered.

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The risk was quite high, as Cecile was 61 years old and could face a risky pregnancy. However, after a complete check-up, doctors gave her the green light.

A few months later, Cecile became a mother (for a brief moment) and a grandmother on the same day. Don't miss the video, this is simply beautiful.

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