This TV presenter has undergone a drastic transformation

Yanet García, was considered the most beautiful weather girl in the world. You'd never guess what she looks like now.

This TV presenter has undergone a drastic transformation
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Yanet only appears on TV for a few minutes a day for the weather segment, but she is undoubtedly the most talked about person on television. She was nicknamed 'the weather girl' and every time she presents the weather, come rain or shine, she turns up the heat.

Controversial beginnings

Yanet García's role was controversial when she first started out, but she is now one of the most successful weather presenters ever and is well-known both in Mexico and throughout the world as she's claimed the title of the 'most beautiful weather girl in the world.'

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Physical transformation

Now, the presenter has become fond of fitness and her body has undergone some considerable changes. Yanet uses her social networks to encourage her followers to get started in the world of fitness. Because as she says, if she can do it, so can you.

Whilst it's certainly a very different look from the one that she had before and that made her famous, she looks just as stunning as she always has—and she still knows just how to drive her fans wild. She definitely won't be losing her title anytime soon...

Check out the video above to see Yanet's transformation for yourself...