This TikTok user's 'beans on toast' is causing a national outrage

There are some things we hold dear in England that we just can't stomach being sullied. After already shocking users with her monstrous 'tea' creation, this woman is now back to destroy the one other thing we love most: beans on toast.

This American TikTok user seems to get her kick enraging the British community and you know what- she's doing a pretty good job of it.

Michelle or @jchelle36 has already done a good job as making us all jump out of our skins with her 'tea' but now she's come back to tackle another item of pure national pride... our beans on toast.

Nothing is as good as some beans for breakfast, or lunch or just whenever. It's the perfect addition to a good fry up and it's easy to jazz up with a little Worcestershire sauce or even a bit of grated cheese. Honestly, it's a dish that is hard to get wrong... but nobody could have expected what this American mum was going to whip up.

She starts off the TikTok by saying:

Everyone has requested that I make a traditional British breakfast, so today we're gonna make beans on toast! So the first step is you wanna get your bread, then you want to add the beans...

Okay, so we're gonna stop here for a second. Not only did she not toast or butter the bread but she didn't even heat up the beans? This is pure anarchy. Then, she grabs a slice of that square processed cheese or 'plastic cheese' as we like to call it, places it on top of the beans and shoves the whole thing in the microwave.

Then you wanna put it in the microwave. And that's how you make beans on toast!

Now not only is the 'plastic cheese' going to stick to the roof of your mouth but so will the warm soggy bread. Microwaving your beans isn't a sin but doing it like that surely is. And, this American mum actually lives in the UK, surely she would have seen someone make beans before.

And of course, as with her tea videos Michelle sent the British into an absolute frenzy and referred to the clip as a 'national travesty'. Another user commented:

Nobody in the UK has ever, ever made beans on toast in this manner

Another chimed in:

Surely it isn't toast if you don't put it in a toaster.

And a third stated:

Dear God! This is not a British Breakfast and as importantly it is not how to make beans on toast

Now of course, by now we should all know that Michelle is just yanking everyone's chain for a bit of a laugh and she's probably not as daft as she lets on. One user commented:

I prefer to think you are next level trolling in which case bravo Madame.

Just wait until you see her attempts at Yorkshire pudding and British eggs.

Watch the video above to see @jchelle36 in action!

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