This pregnant dog was unable to give birth, then the vet revealed why

A female pit bull was pregnant and expecting to give birth to six puppies, but she was overdue in giving birth.

Chris and Mariesa have always loved dogs and already have eight at home. However, the couple believed there is still room for another animal in their home, so they decided to adopt a dog from the animal shelter so that they could have a better life with them.

Which dog should the couple choose?

The choice was difficult for this couple, but then they noticed that there were quite a lot of pit bulls in the shelter, a breed that is often considered aggressive and difficult to train. The two had a weakness for pit bulls and while they were sitting at the shelter, one pit bull in particular suddenly put her head on Mariesa’s knee. And this is exactly why the couple chose this dog called Storie. The only problem was that this dog was pregnant and expecting six puppies.

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Surprise followed at the vets

Since the couple already had eight dogs at home, they realised it wouldn’t be plausible to take on another seven. However, the two decided that they did want to take in Storie as a foster dog. In the meantime, the shelter continued to search for a new home for the pit bull and the babies she was expecting.

But one thing was worrying about the couple. The dog was long overdue in giving birth, but there were no signs that she was ready to have her puppies. When they proceeded to take her to the vet however, they got an even bigger surprise: there were actually twelve puppies in her belly! These puppies need to be delivered as soon as possible since there was a chance the puppies could die if they stayed inside for too long, and there was also a risk for Storie herself.

The vet advised the couple to wait because the stress of being in the shelter could have been the reason for this delayed birth. If a dog considers an environment too unsuitable for puppies, this can delay the mother giving birth. So, Chris and Mariesa set up a cosy little room for the new addition to their house. And less than 24 hours later, all twelve puppies arrived and all of them, including the mother, are doing well.

Pregnant dog gives birth to puppies moments after being abandoned Pregnant dog gives birth to puppies moments after being abandoned