This man was left terrified after discovering his foot was completely black

One man got the fright of his life when he woke up to discover his foot was completely black. He even thought he had some kind of serious disease!

Imagine it, you wake up and you discover that one of your feet is completely black. Panic mode! That’s exactly what happened to Michael Onorati from Glasgow.

He thought he had contracted Raynaud's syndrome

For a good 30 minutes, he inspected every inch of his foot and thought he had suddenly contracted frostbite or Raynaud’s syndrome, a condition that causes significant circulation problems, pain and numbing sensations. Michael was just about to call an ambulance when his wife realised what had really happened...Michael had been wearing her tanning sock.

I was thinking what the f*** is happening here as I tried to wash it off just in case it was the dye from the cheap socks. I was Googling all sorts of weird foot infections and getting a bit creeped out by this point.

It turns out it was all the fault of a tanning sock

It may seem common practice in the tanning world to use a man’s sports sock as a substitute for a self-tanning glove. So Michael’s wife didn’t think twice before using the sock in question to tan herself. But apparently, this has happened quite a lot - as the photo caused hundreds of similar, funny posts to surface about feet that had accidentally been tanned. When he had the news broken to him, Michael revealed he was in fits of laughter:

Stephanie came downstairs and started laughing hysterically at my foot. I was like ‘calm down, I don’t know what’s going on here but I’m ready to call NHS 24’. Then she explained that in fact she couldn’t find her fake tan mitt and thought to use my damn socks instead. I burst out laughing and the rest is history I guess.

Michael's wife Stephanie continued: 'Even when he did realise he was still shocked, he didn’t laugh about it proper until later on that night. I just said to him ‘that is not coming off’. ‘Later that night he lay in bed and put his foot up next to mine and we were just crying with laughter then.’

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