This Man Took A Selfie And Ended Up Capturing Something Tragic

This Man Took A Selfie And Ended Up Capturing Something Tragic

When we quickly capture moments of our lives, we often also capture moments of the people who are around us at that moment. What this boy did not expect was that he captured the last moments of the girl who slipped into his selfie.

Moorthy and Viswanath were a couple of young Indians who had just moved to the United States for work.

They liked to travel and did not hesitate to share their snapshots with their followers on social networks. However, their thirst for 'likes' turned fatal during their visit to the famous Yosemite Park.

Sean Matteson is a photographer who, just like the couple, decided to visit Yosemite with his friends.

When days later he learned of the sad news of the couple found dead at the foot of one of the most well-known precipices, he pieced things together. He reviewed his photos and found the last snapshot taken of the couple alive.

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The photo, which is nothing more than a beautiful holiday snapshot, is tinged with tragedy when you know what happened after. Matteson admits to being strongly shocked by the news.

Take a look at the video above for more on this tragic story.

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