This Man Has Given Birth To His First Child Naturally

This Man Has Given Birth To His First Child Naturally

Having children in a natural way was not in their plans. But nature decided to give it to them.

Stephan Gaeth and Wyley Simpson are a gay male couple. They met on the internet and they a not a conventional couple... And their love is as strong as any other couple’s.

Life has given him a great gift. Wyley was born with a woman's body. When he met Stephan he was already transitioning and had been having a hormonal treatment for many years.

An unexpected gift

And it was during his transition that Wyley fell pregnant. Although he had top surgery in 2013, he hadn’t fully transitioned yet.

Wyley had been taking testosterone for many years and his physical change was very advanced so he wasn’t concerned when he stopped getting his period.

Then one day he awoke with nausea and kept vomiting... After four pregnancy tests it was clear that he was pregnant.

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Initially the couple didn't know what to do, because having a child in a natural way was not part of their plans. But they decided to keep it. It’s an inspiring story and a powerful message for tolerance.

Their photos are beautiful, don't miss the video.

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