This man had to get surgery to remove the penis attached to his arm

Malcolm MacDonald, who carried his penis on his arm for six years, finally had surgery to get it removed.

What sounds completely absurd actually happened to the 47-year-old mechanic from Norfolk in England. He revealed in an interview with theNew York Post how it came about and how he is today.

My penis fell off but grew back on my arm!

In 2010, the British man's world came crashing down when. As a result of severe blood poisoning, his fingers and toes, and eventually even his penis, lost blood supply. The mechanic's genitals were hit particularly hard, they went discoloured and just fell to the floor one day, as he told The Sun.

MacDonald gets a new penis

However, the luck was on MacDonald’s side, as he was offered a procedure to restore his penis, by Prof David Ralph of London's University College Hospital. The expert in phallic reconstruction used a vein from MacDonald's thigh as a urethral replacement and modelled a penis around it from fatty tissue and skin.

To ensure that the 'neopenis' is functional, it was first attached to the arm of the father of two. A procedure that usually takes six weeks. In Malcolm MacDonald's case, however, it went on for six years, due to several complications. But at the beginning of this year (2022), the penis was finally removed from MacDonald's arm and transplanted between his legs. The complex operation took nine hours, MacDonald said:

Can you imagine spending six years of your life with a penis dangling from your arm? It was a nightmare

But now it's done and MacDonald hopes for a big change in his life. With the help of a pump in the testicle and a saline solution, the penis can even be made erect:

This could be a turning point in my life.

The prospect of being able to have sex again excites the divorcee because with the help of the surgeons he has created his dream genital, which is 5 cm longer than the original.

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