Operation revealed what this girl had been secretly eating for years

Little Feifei was complaining that she had a stomach ache, but the initial examination didn’t reveal anything. However, what doctors found during an operation is unbelievable!

There can be lots of reasons that someone may experience abdominal pain: digestion, flatulence, menstrual pain, cramps and even stress. While most abdominal pain can be cured naturally, there are others that require more drastic solutions, like surgery

Discovery in the operating room

This girl’s mother was concerned that her daughter seemed to have quite a severe stomach pain for no reason. But what she did not know, however, is that her daughter had been eating something that her mother had forbidden for a long time.

Feifei, an eight-year-old girl from China, suddenly started complaining of severe stomach pain. Because she was also repeatedly vomiting, her mother did what any mother in this situation would do: she took her to the doctor. But as The Mirror reported, the doctors didn’t find anything wrong with her during their initial examinations.

But since her abdominal pain didn’t go away, the doctors had no choice but to go right to the source. So, the little girl went in for an operation and then surgeons found something that they had never seen before! She had a 1.5kg ball of hair in her stomach!

Rapunzel syndrome

Feifei suffered from Rapunzel syndrome, which means she had been gnawing on her own hair since she was two years old. However, the body can't digest hair so a large quantity like this can't pass through. As a result, it had just gathered in her stomach.

Feifei’s mother tried everything to get her daughter to kick the habit but it wasn’t so easy! Feifei solemnly promised that she would never eat her hair again, but not long afterwards, she was back in the operating room.

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