This Is The Emotional Moment A Woman Met The Man Who Received Her Late Husband's Face

This Is The Emotional Moment A Woman Met The Man Who Received Her Late Husband's Face

After her husband committed suicide, Lilly Ross agreed to donate his organs, and gave permission for his face to be used for a transplant. A year after the operation which allowed Andy Sanders to inherit the face of Lilly’s husband, the two Americans were able to meet in a highly emotional encounter, in which they both expressed their gratitude towards one another. Click the video to see the heart-warming footage.

In June 2016, Andy Sanders underwent a facial transplant, 10 years after having been disfigured from a suicide attempt. After eight surgeries lasting a total of 56 hours and requiring 60 medical staff, the 31-year-old American was able to show off his new face. Last February, Andy Sanders stated that: “This surgery has allowed me to feel normal again”.

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This remarkable medical feat was made possible thanks to Lilly Ross, who gave her permission for the transplant to go ahead, as well as donating the organs of her former husband. Lilly and Andy met for the first time at the start of November for a particularly moving encounter in the library of the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota.

It was there that Andy was able to thank Lilly, and also meet Leonard, the son of Lilly and her former partner. During the meeting, he stated that the fact that he had been able to meet the lady who had made this all possible, along with her son, was “above all, a great relief”.

“Meeting Andy has finally allowed me to grieve”, revealed Lilly, who now considers Andy to be a real part of her family. 

Take a look at the video above to see the footage of the emotional moment... 

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