This cosmetic surgeon created his ‘ideal woman’ then married her

David Matlock is a plastic surgeon based in the United States. In 2007 he met Veronica, a young woman who had made an appointment with his practice to have an operation. To marry her he had only one condition, that she become ‘the ideal woman.’

A strange encounter

David, a plastic surgeon, literally transformed his wife. The couple first met each other at David's job. You might think that David didn't care much for his wife when they first met since he suggested she redo her buttocks, thighs, chin, and that she have liposuction. In other words he wanted to change her entirely. Nevertheless, David insists he fell in love with Veronica as soon as she walked into his office. Even more, he wasted no time and even proposed to her during their very first appointment! And Veronica did everything he asked of her, down to the laser vaginal rejuvenation.

Body over mind

Appearance has become such an obsession for Veronica and David that they track everything they eat and work out every day. The couple also regularly participate in bodybuilding competitions—their goal is to become physically perfect specimens. The couple has a teenage daughter named Isabella. She already has her own ideas about cosmetic surgery, contrary to those of her parents; she does not want to undergo it and says that she will keep her natural appearance. It remains to be seen if her father will convince her otherwise, as he did her mother.

Check out the video above to see the full story!

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