This cheeky selfie went viral all because of one hilarious detail

This woman's cheeky Instagram photo went viral, all due to one hilarious detail that had internet users totally confused.

Paula Sophia Garcia Espino went viral after posting a cheeky photo of herself on social media. Whilst on holiday in Mexico, the young woman took a snap in her bathroom, posing against the sink, with her derriere front and centre.

With her tongue out and her bum in full view, there was a smaller and perhaps a more surprisingdetailthat caught the eagle eye of some internet users. But what was the problem?

In actual fact, it was the design of the bathroom that sparked the most attention on social media. In the picture, you can observe a specific design flaw, so crazy that it sparked thousands of likes, comments and shares on the post. She explained:

I was actually gonna delete the picture but I decided to keep it up.

And while she was initially "in shock" whenher selfie went viral, she thinks everyone's comments have been "hilarious."

When asked about the picture, Paula said:

I was mainly focused on how I looked, I didn’t take into account the layout of the room.

Clearly shocked by how much attention the picture received, Paula may well feel a large boost of confidence following the number of likes and shares on the post.

Check out the video above to see the unfortunate selfie for yourself!

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