This Body Painter Calls Out Twitch's Sexism After Wrongful Suspension

Recently, Twitch user and body painter Mizzy Rose was temporarily suspended from the platform by claims of nudity. The 22-year-old artist has called out the company for misogyny after other female users revealed that they too, were the targets of wrongful suspension.

Body painting artist Mizzy Rose has amassed a following on Twitch of 141,000 followers. Recently one of her videos resulted in a one-day suspension from the platform on the claims of "a nude or insufficiently covered body."

The ban did not fare well for Mizzy, and she was shocked when the notification hit her inbox. She shared her qualms on her Twitter account, stating that she did nothing wrong.

Mizzy Rose spoke to Insider, detailing that any suspension from the platform, no matter how temporary can leave a stain on her online reputation and monetising efforts as a full-time Twitch creator:

Being banned at all, even for just a day impacts my account because it leaves a strike on your channel, A strike can impact a partnership. I applied to be a partner before I was wrongfully banned. I'm [now] scared about what they will say or even if they'll accept me as a partner.

The artist looked over the guidelines she was supposedly in breach of and discovered that she was wrongfully suspended from the platform due to the rule's exemptions. The guidelines stated that body artists that 'focused on actively creating content' had leeway due to the nature of their art. For body painters, the guidelines are as follows:

those who present as women must completely cover their nipples & areola with a layer of non-transparent clothing or a paint & latex combination and must be applied before streaming begins, not on-stream.

Mizzy Rose has had some mixed responses on Twitter. While many are in full support of the artist claiming that she followed all the guidelines, other commentators were not so kind. One Twitter critic even told Mizzy: "You're literally naked find a new hobby".

Nevertheless, Mizzy Rose was not the first female to face unfair suspension from the platform. Another body painting live streamer AlisPrayer suffered even harsher consequences as from the 8th of April she was indefinitely banned. Twitch personality Kaceytron also has some qualms with the platform, stating on Twitter that misogyny was running wild.

Mizzy Rose has detailed that she has expectations for the platform to improve, to make Twitch a welcome and equal space for all:

I wish for the staff to all be on the same page and fully know their terms of service, I would also like to see more detailed explanations as to why someone gets banned to they can 'improve' instead of being scared and not knowing why they were banned. The streamers are who run their website, the people who provide their income. We should be treated better.
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