This Baby's Life Was Saved By A Facebook Post

This Baby's Life Was Saved By A Facebook Post

Christina DePino, a mom from Michigan, posted a Facebook message that saved her baby's life. When she was 8 months pregnant, she suffered strange symptoms that she shared on social networks. She didn't expect this would save the life of her future child...

Christina was itchy all over her body while she was pregnant with her first child. She decided to post her symptoms on her Facebook wall, explaining to all her friends that these symptoms were turning her daily life into a nightmare.

Facebook post

When she posted her itching symptoms to Facebook, she didn't expect it to become so big. Some of his friends believed they recognized the symptoms of gestational cholestasis. They urged her to go to the emergency room because it could have been be dangerous for her baby. A few days later, a doctor confirmed this diagnosis.

The baby was saved from gestational cholestasis, a disorder of the liver that affects about one woman in a thousand in France. It causes a decrease in the secretion of bile during the third trimester of pregnancy, and an accumulation of toxins in the blood.

The symptoms come in the form of bleeding and itching and can have very serious consequences for the fetus, threatened to be born prematurely or to die before birth. Doctors advised her to start childbirth prematurely, which she accepted. Her baby girl was born and is now in good health. All thanks to a Facebook post.

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The young mother then advised moms around the world to be vigilant in case of strange symptoms during their pregnancy, and said they should always talk about it with relatives, as this could save babies' lives.

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