This 19-Year-Old Woman Thought She Was Pregnant, Despite Being a Virgin

A young girl of 19 was convinced she was expecting a baby and went on TV to tell her story…

Every day, American talk-shows reveal incredible stories, and from time to time, some of them are so unusual that they go global. This time, it was the story of a 19-year-old American girl, who claimed to be pregnant with a child – but she was still a virgin.

No signs of an actual pregnancy

Incredible! The teen, called Haley Pensava, told the Dr Phil Show, an entertainment show in the USA, that she was pregnant. So far, nothing strange, except that her family and various blood and pregnancy tests refuted all possibility that she was expecting a baby.

Pregnant or a liar?

According to the programme, this story was nothing more than one of the teen’s various lies, because of her history as a compulsive liar. But the truth was completely different, and nobody expected it.

To convince Haley, her mother and sister decided to turn to the Dr Phil Show, hoping that this would dispel any notion of having a child. Haley had an ultrasound, live, which Dr Travis Stork then examined during the programme.

Thanks to him and his diagnosis, Haley finally discovered the truth. Was Haley expecting a child, or was her family right? Find out by watching the video!

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