This 107-Year-Old Has A Juicy Secret To Her Long Life Which Men Will Hate

This 107-Year-Old Has A Juicy Secret To Her Long Life Which Men Will Hate

Louise Signore recently turned 107 years old and she has just revealed the secret behind how she reached this proud age. We invite you to try this recipe – with Italian flavours and spices. The one crucial ingredient: men…

Being over 100 years old is an incredible achievement. Most of all, it’s interesting to look at and wonder how that person managed to live to that old age. These people can have quite an unhealthy secret, just like Theresa Rowley, or a very special lifestyle choice.

A long life without men

Louise Signore is one of the lucky few who have managed to reach 100 years old and still be fit and healthy. On her 107th birthday the woman from New York revealed her secret, and it has to do with men.

She swears by it. Her elixir of life lies in never having been married and never having her life driven or ruled by husbands or children. Because a woman’s happiness should never be dependent on a man.

The most important thing in life is being happy with who you are and happy with yourself. Also, women live longer than men, so it would actually be better to never get married at all.

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Keeping fit with pasta

Even at 107 years old, she doesn’t even need a walker or a wheelchair. She keeps herself moving regularly and active to stay healthy. Not only does she do all the chores and keep her house in order all by herself, she also dances to keep her body in shape.

But that’s not all. Of course, the right food also helps you keep in shape and keep healthy. And she’s convinced that pizza and pasta are the real deal! Italian food with lots of olive oil…

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