They went out to walk their dog and came back millionaires!

Who hasn't dreamed of digging up a treasure? This dream came true for a young couple in California while they were on a romantic walk. In fact, the couple found treasure worth an estimated ten million dollars!

They went out to walk their dog and came back millionaires!
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This couple probably didn't expect what they found when they stepped outside to walk their dog. They were strolling along their property when something caught their attention...

A treasure chest

Soon, the couple realized that it was a metal box. Sitting there, close to a tree, it was rusty and covered with moss. Surprisingly, the couple decided to open it! Inside was a small box filled with gold coins. Both delighted and surprised, the couple went looking for other boxes and ended up digging up seven, all filled with coins!

Kagin's Inc., a company that specializes in rare coinsin the United States, quickly confirmed to the couple that this was an incredible discovery. The coins, which were extremely well preserved, were dated from the 19th century, the period of the gold rush. They are worth $ 10 million...