They Left A Shocking Note On Her Receipt, She Reacted In The Best Way Possible

Horrible customers have left a racist message on the receipt of an American restaurant where waitress Sadie Karina works.

Sadie Karina, an American of Hispanic descent, works as a waitress at Jess' Quick Lunch in Virginia, United States. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, she worked there for a while and no one has ever complained about her or her work– that is, until she received a horrifying message, that will change her forever.

While receiving payment from a couple of customers, she read a note left at the bottom of the bill. It said, ‘Sorry, we only tip citizens..’ A comment that refers to the young waitress's foreign origins.

For his part, John Elledge, Sadie's grandfather, does not want to let this act go unpunished and is doing everything possible to find these two people. It is also he who posted this story on his Facebook account to shame the two disrespectful people.

Beneath the photo, he typed: 'You are a complete and total piece of dung.'

Earlier on Facebook, the lawyer had written some other harsh words:

I’d happily do the jail time if I could get just one solid punch in to the face of the son of a bitch who paid for his meal at the luncheonette where my granddaughter works and left the receipt for her with a note saying, 'Sorry, we only tip citizens.'

Check out the video above to see Sadie's full response to this act of racism! What a great girl.

Her partner cheated on her so she got her revenge in the best way possible! Her partner cheated on her so she got her revenge in the best way possible!