They Got Away With Killing Their Father… Until They Confessed to a Shared Lover

It could have been the perfect crime if it weren't for the confession one of the sisters made to the lover they were sharing.

Linda and Mary-Beth are two sisters, aged 62 and 63, from Florida. The official version of their family history was that their father, Anthony Tomaselli, died of natural causes in 2015.

He was ill with cancer, suffered from dementia and had a pacemaker for his heart problems. On the morning of March 5, 2015, when the sisters called the ambulance upon "finding their father dead," authorities did not find any signs of foul play.

Given Tomaselli's old age and his very complicated medical history, they assumed that his time had simply come. They signed the death certificate declaring death by natural causes and did not even consider the option of doing an autopsy.

And years went by without anyone suspecting the death of Linda and Mary-Beth's father. Until their very complicated love life made them lower their guard.

A year ago Mary-Beth got in a relationshipwith a man she met at a bar. She introduced him to her sister Linda, who was married. And the guy also became Linda's lover (yes, you read that right: he slept with both sisters).

On an intimate afternoon, Linda confessed to her new lover that, along with her sister, she had "euthanized" her father. And that this experience had given her an idea: Linda's husband was mistreating her... so she confessed that she was beginning to think about offing her husband too.

Upon hearing this, the lover had no choice but to go to the police. Due to a lack of evidence, he was asked to collaborate with them to find out how they had killed the father and help bring the sisters to justice.

The recordings that the lover brought to the police turned out to be the confession, with all kinds of details on how they killed their father, Anthony Tomaselli...

Take a look at the video above for more of the shocking details.

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