Star Hobson murder trial: Parents' chilling Google search history reveals shocking evidence of abuse

Prosecutors have provided evidence revealing Google search history that could prove the two women were responsible for the death of 16-month-old Star Hobson.

Much to the dismay of Frankie Smith and Savannah Brockhill, their Google search history was tracked down, and the results are very telling of their involvement in the murder.

Revealing google search history

Brockhill's phone was found to have searched 'how long does it take to be traumatised' and to have also visited a webpage called 'emotional and psychological trauma.'

All searches were made on Brockhill's phone while she was in the presence of the little girl. According to reports, she also searched: 'what to do when you get orange squash in your eye'; 'what part of your body gets cold first'; 'do you bruise more when you're cold'; 'what happens when the body goes into shock.'

A series of text message and photo exchanges between both women also point to clear child abuse onto the infant child. At one point during the 14 days prior to the death of Hobson, Brockhill had sent a picture message to Smith showing the little girl with a swollen lip and a small mark on her cheek.

Later that day, Brockhill made another search on her phone, this time inquiring 'how to get rid of bloodshot eyes', and 'glaucoma', and visited a webpage 'what is traumatic glaucoma.'

'How to bring a baby out of shock'

But perhaps the most incriminating search in Brockhill's Google history is when she looked into 'how to bring a baby out of shock' following the lethal blows the child received before passing away.

The Google search was made 15 minutes before Smith called the ambulance to report a severe injury her daughter had just suffered. At the time, the woman said her daughter was playing with two other children before hearing a loud bang and finding her on the floor struggling to breathe

The case is set to resume on Monday, 25 October.

Star Hobson murder trial: Medical evidences reveal shocking facts Star Hobson murder trial: Medical evidences reveal shocking facts