Star Hobson murder trial: Medical evidences reveal shocking facts

In today's Star Hobson murder trial, several medical evidences were presented, diagnosing the way in which the infant passed away.

Frankie Smith, 20, and Savannah Brockhill, 28, are accused of causing a string of distressing injuries to toddler Star Hobson, which ultimately took her life, in Keighley, West Yorkshire on 22 September 2020.

Today marked the tenth day of the murder trial. Several witnesses were called to present their medical evidences.

Star’s main vein, carrying blood back to the heart from the legs and other organs, was ruptured by alleged stomping. The report further said she had severe blood loss and bruising was extended all over her body, from a split to the liver, a tear to the bowel, to ruptured lungs and pancreas.

Lowest score on Coma-Test

The prosecution called the paramedics, who took baby Star to the hospital in their ambulance. Star was said to be lifeless and pale, laying in the back of the car, with mother Frankie, the accused, profusely crying, while Brockhill maintained her demeanour.

Campbell the paramedic, who was one of the first official witness to the scene, revealed medical factors which clearly shows that baby Star had been murdered.

When the jury asked Campbell about her breathing when he first saw her, he said:

Her breathing was very shallow, making minimal respiratory efforts. It was a low rate of breathing.

When further questioned about Star’s responsiveness, he said:

Absolutely not. The lowest score you can get on a Glasgow coma test is a 3. She was a 3.

Medics said that the ‘degree of force’ inflicted on Star was ‘so great’ it was quite impossible for the doctors to envisage it.

Wrong CPR

Campbell stated that Brockhill had given baby Star incorrect CPR, which may have worsened the condition. Since, Star was an infant, the technique of CPR differed a little from that of an adult.

Brockhill was said to be calmer than usual, which really threw the paramedics off and increased suspicion, as there was ‘no sense of urgency.’

The next witness, Natasha Maddocks, Brockhill’s other girlfriend, confirmed that baby Star:

Had bruising on the right side of her face and all her ear was bruised.

The jury was informed that she was in cardiac arrest. While trying to resuscitate the toddler, she regurgitated ‘large amounts’ of brown material.

She was airlifted, but unfortunately couldn't be saved in time.

The trial will resume tomorrow at 10:30, with more witnesses for the prosecution to be called to give evidence.

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