Something Strange Started to Happen to This Mother’s Stomach After an Emergency C-Section

A woman from the USA recently underwent an emergency C-section, but just a few days later, something worse had started to happen. Something completely unexpected had started to form on her stomach.

According to the Daily Star, Krista Parise from Manhattan, New York gave birth to her child via an emergency C-section. After this difficult birth, all she wanted to do was make the most of her time with her new-born baby, but when she was released from the hospital, she started experiencing high fevers.

Awful pains after her C-section

Just a few days after her procedure, Krista’s condition had started to visibly deteriorate. First, she started experiencing fevers and unbearable pain which gradually made it impossible for her to walk. Her stomach had turned red and hot, but she was sent away from her local doctor when she went in for a check-up.

When she then discovered large blisters were forming along the wound from her C-section, she started to get really worried. Even when she picked up the phone, the young woman noticed that these blisters were full of yellow fluid and had spread across her entire body.

Flesh-eating bacteria

When she got to the emergency room, the 32-year-old noticed a horrible smell that seemed to be coming from her wound. During her examination, swabs were taken from her blisters and analysed. It turns out that during her surgery she had caught necrotising fasciitis, which is an infectious, flesh-eating disease that in most cases is caused by antibiotic-resistant staphylococci.

In some cases when people contract this carnivorous disease, it can become very serious since it can quickly spread and develop and end up killing the patient. Krista Parise was lucky, but if she had waited any longer, she would have been facing several more serious problems and complications.

Unfortunate consequences despite her recovery

While she was in the hospital, she wasn’t allowed to see her baby because his immune system wasn’t strong enough to be exposed to this type of bacteria yet. To make things even worse, her child was struggling to gain weight because Krista also wasn’t able to breastfeed him due to of all the medication she was on.

After she was discharged from hospital, Krista needed to hire a live-in nurse to help her and help out with the baby, but her insurance company has reportedly refused to pay the majority of her hospital costs and the cost of hiring a nurse. As a result, the young mother was forced to start a GoFundMe page to help cover these costs. Krista has since been advising young mothers to get checked out as soon as possible after they have given birth.

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